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Joe Viglione has written liner notes for these LPs and Compact Discs

The Mamas & The Papas SOLD OUT, SAVOY!

Andy Pratt's "Records Are Like Life" re-release of his 1971 Polydor CD

Andy Pratt's "The Age Of Goodbye" Corazong, 2004

The Count "I'm A Star" Flamingo/Carrere 1978

Maureen Tucker of The Velvet Underground "Another View"

Lady Carolyn/Moe Tucker "Of Yesterday/I'm Sticking With You" 45 RPM

20 Volumes of Boston Rock & Roll Anthology

1 Massachusetts Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Compilation

1 U.S. Anthology Vol. 1

Web notes for Universal Music's HIP-O Select Label

Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" for Hip-O Select webpage

Genya Ravan's Urban Desire


Bobby Hebb's Midnight Adventures
Bobby Hebb's SUNNY (Deluxe Edition)
Bobby Hebb's LOVE GAMES (Deluxe Edition)
Bobby Hebb's The Singles 1950 - 2005 55 years of 45 RPMS!

Secret Little Tangents In Violent "E" Motions - The Count (formerly "I'm A Star" 1978 )
Love & The Flame (Deluxe Edition) - The Count
Cat In The Dark - The Eric Brown/Joe Vig sessions - The Count
Artificial Red - The Count (unreleased)
The Intuition Element (Deluxe Edition) - The Count
New Changes (Deluxe Edition) - The Count
Secret Things - The Count
Love Songs Just For You - The Count/Joseph A. Viglione
Lifeswork: 2005 And Counting - Joe Viglione (2005)
New Revelations In Love - Joe Viglione (2005)

The Salt Water Summers - Soundtrack


Blogger JoJoWentDownOnCocksFasterThanSheWentDownTheStairs said...

Regarding Mr Viglione's comment (elsewhere) "THEN, when the Solicitor wrote his report, audited the station and hired the retired judge, the Mayor FAILED to be ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS HE SPENT OF TAXPAYER MONIES."

Be it known by all who read this that the aforementioned $14,000.00 was spent to hold an evaluation hearing etc. based on deliberately FALSE information/charges provided by Mr Viglione. A Cambridge Court has determined that Mr Viglione commited Libel (written lies) about MCC. A Woburn court accepted "Under penalties of perjury" Mr Viglione's testimony that all his blog entries regarding MCC were parodies (and hence untrue). These "parodies" which Mr Viglione has now sworn under oath as being untrue, contain the very same "charges" against MCC which he provided to Mayor McGlynn. Mr Viglione therefore admitted in court that the information he gave the Mayor was information that was false. the City WASTED $14,000 BECAUSE of Mr Viglione's LIES. Therefore the City should seek reimbursement in the amount of $14,000 from Mr Viglione. There is a precedent for this - the "balloon" boy incident. When a father perpetrated a hoax that his son had hidden aboard a hot air balloon that got loose, the authorities mounted a very expensive rescue mission based on that false story. When it was discovered to BE false, the authorities billed the entire cost of that rescue mission to the father - and he HAD TO pay it all back! The same should most certainly be done to Mr Viglione. He needs to reimburse the people for all the money he caused the City to expend based on his phantom lies!

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